Commentary on the Psalms

Translated by Fr. John O'Sullivan

The meaning of the Psalms may be obscure, at times, to modern people. The Psalms are incredibly and sublimely rich with a near-infinite wealth of spiritual treasures. Let this Saint help enlighten you to penetrate the Truths expressed therein. 

In the early ages of the Church, the Psalms were so familiar to the laity, that it was found impossible to adopt the translation made by St. Jerome from the Hebrew, for all had the older version by heart. The Book of Psalms is a sort of compendium and summation of the entire Old Testament, including the prophecies concerning the suffering Messiah; whatever Moses either handed down in history or taught in the Law, and whatever the other Prophets wrote, either exhorting men to virtue or foretelling the future, all of this is contained in the briefest compass in the Psalms of David. The Psalms exhort the listeners to virtue, restrains them from vice, invites, attracts, threatens and frightens them; and all of these things are not simply set down in a narrative, but in various sorts of songs, with poetic phrases and many admirable metaphors, until at last this new form of expression snatches up souls in such love and praise of God, that nothing sweeter, nothing more salutary could ever be sung or heard. Therefore Saint Basil is correct when he writes in his commentary on the first Psalm, that the Psalms of David draw tears even from a heart of stone; and Saint John Chrysostom rightly affirms in his commentary on Psalm 137 that those who sing the Psalms properly lead choirs together with the angels and, as it were, vie with them in the praise and love of God. 

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The Raccolta

Edited by Fr. Ambrose St. John
1910 Edition

This is a treasured collection – raccolta – of two thousand years of the Church’s most powerful and sublime devotions. They may be prayed to immense benefit, using the very words of Saints, immersed in the deepest dynamics of the Holy Trinity, the Redemptive Sacrifice, the Communion of Saints. They not only teach us how to pray, but they help to remake our modern, malformed interior dispositions in accordance with that which is most pleasing to God. 

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True Stories

Mother Francis Raphael, OSD

Catholic Archives

The  Catholic  tradition has in its collective memory many stories of the kindness and intervention of God throughout history, often through the actions of the angels and saints. Some of the most amazing of these stories have been collected in the present volume. You will be astonished and enlightened as to God’s immense, loving care in ages of faith.

Written at a time when rebellion was in the ascendancy, (which has subsequently poisoned most of society up to our present day) the author mined Catholic manuscripts and books for authentic treasures that demonstrate the great tenderness, beauty, and salvific power to be experienced by those with hearts open to the mysteries of Christ.

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Virgin Mary True Stories

J. Collin de Plancy

Catholic Archives

The Catholic tradition has in its collective memory many stories of the kindness and intervention of the Blessed Virgin Mary throughout history. Some of the most amazing of these stories have been collected in the present volume. You will be astonished and enlightened as to God’s immense, loving care in ages of faith.

Written at time when rebellion was in the ascendency, (which has poisoned most of society up to our present day) the author mined Catholic manuscripts and books for authentic treasures that demonstrate the great tenderness, beauty, and salvific power to be experienced by those with hearts open to the mysteries of Christ.

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The Roman Ritual

Edited by Fr. Philip T. Weller

THE ROMAN RITUAL (RITUALE ROMANUM) in Three Volumes. Year of Imprimatur: VOL 1 (1948), VOL 2 (1950), VOL 3 (1945).

PRE-VATICAN II traditional Roman Ritual in three volumes. Translated and edited with Introduction and Notes by Fr. Philip T. Weller. In parallel Latin and English, with rubrics and plainchant notation. All three volumes are indexed in both Latin and English.

PAPERBACK, Black & Red Text:
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Vol 2: Christian Burial, Exorcisms, Reserved Blessings, Etc.: ISBN-10: 1945275154 $ 34.99 Buy
Vol 3: The Blessings: ISBN-10: 1945275162 $ 34.99 Buy

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Vol 2: Christian Burial, Exorcisms, Reserved Blessings, Etc.: ISBN-10: 1945275189 $ 21.99 Buy
Vol 3: The Blessings: ISBN-10: 1945275197 $ 21.99 Buy

The Catechism Explained

The Catechism Explained

Fr. Francis Spirago
Edited by Fr. Richard F. Clarke, SJ

Includes INDEX, which other publishers lack. An index is an essential tool for looking up ideas or researching a subject. Also retypeset, this is the timeless traditional catechism of Truth.

Twenty years into the third millennium annis Domini, and most of humanity is lost. “A day will come when the whole world will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad they will say, ‘You are mad; you are not like us,’” prophesied a Desert Father. It seems we are in those days. Thus, the great need for the present book.

“The person who has the light of the Holy Spirit in him is like a traveller performing his journey in sunshine and fair weather; quite otherwise is the case of him from whom that light is cut off by the clouds of sin; he is like the unwilling traveller, forced to make his way through wind and storm.” This book is a clear guide on the royal road to profound joy. No need to stumble along in darkness and confusion, no need to re-invent the wheel – Our Lord has already bestowed everything necessary for the good journey, we have only to take heed and make use of it.

Pages: 764
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ISBN: Hardback: 1945275510
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The Graces of Interior Prayer

Fr. Augustin Poulain, SJ

THE CLASSIC manual on prayer, mysticism, and spiritual direction. First published in 1901 and given an approbation by Pope St. Pius X, it was reprinted by popular demand in many subsequent editions and languages. Systematically addressing the stages of growth in prayer, and filled with references and extracts from saints and theologians throughout the 2,000 year history of the Roman Catholic Church, it is an impressive, scholarly work.

How do I know if I am progressing in prayer? How should I conduct myself in each stage? What difficulties and trials may I encounter along the way? What are the experiences of the mystic saints, and the principles outlined by theologians throughout Church history? These questions, and many others, the Jesuit Father Augustin Poulain addresses in this edifying book.

Especially suited to inform and help spiritual directors with discernment in guiding souls along the path to full union with God, it describes and distinguishes between many of the experiences that at one point may be confused for those of another point; and between those that are genuine with those that are imagination, fantasy, or diabolical illusion.

Pages: 708
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ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-945275-01-2
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Miracles of Father of Paul of Moll

Edward Van Speybrouck


MULTITUDES flocked to Father Paul of Moll, a Benedictine monk in Belgium in the 1800s, to benefit from his astounding gifts, including miraculous healings, reading of hearts, prophecy, and bilocation. The stories herein will greatly surprise the modern reader in revealing the reasons behind certain illnesses and afflictions, and some so-called “poltergeist” activity.

As miracles were often granted Fr. Paul through the intercession of the great Patriarch of the West, St. Benedict, with the use of Benedict’s Medal, also included in this book is a guide to that powerful Medal from Dom Prosper Guéranger’s Liturgical Year (also published as The Medal of St. Benedict), and the Life and Miracles of St. Benedict, by St. Gregory the Great, with additions from the visions of Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich.

Pages: 364
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Mary Crushes the Serpent AND Begone Satan

Mary Crushes the Serpent and Begone Satan!

Two Books in One

Written by an Exorcist Priest (1st book)
Edited by Rev. Theodore Geiger
Translated by Rev. Celestine Kapsner, OSB
Written by Rev. Carl Vogl (2nd book)

GOD’S PLAN FOR THE PRESENT TIME The first book, Mary Crushes the Serpent, is the author’s account of his 30 years’ experience as an exorcist. He writes: “I will first state what the demons said about the present state of the Church, and then I will relate the diabolical plans which they, according to their own admission, are keeping under cover… The object of this document is to show the maternal solicitude of the Blessed Virgin for the Church of her Divine Son, as also to publish the plan Mary seems to have adopted to come to the aid of the Church in her present plight.”

The second book, Begone Satan!, is a soul-stirring account of diabolical possession in Earling, Iowa in 1928, in which a woman cursed by her own father was possessed from her 14th year until her 40th year, the year of the exorcism.

Pages: 140
Dimensions: 5 x 8 x .3 inches

Mary Crushes the Serpent AND Begone Satan!
ISBN: Paperback: 1945275693
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Begone Satan! AND Mary Crushes the Serpent
ISBN: Paperback: 1945275472
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ISBN: Hardback: 1945275480
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A good companion book to this, with fascinating background information on both Mary Crushes and Begone Satan, is Pope Leo XIII and the Prayer to St. Michael, ISBN 0984013962 Buy


Prayers for Priests

Let Us Stir the Heart of God on Behalf of Our Priests

“Jesus Christ has made priests, as it were, his co-cooperators in procuring the honor of his eternal Father and the salvation of souls, and therefore when he ascended into heaven, he declared that he left them to hold his place, and to continue the work of redemption which he had undertaken and consummated. ‘He made them,’ says St. Ambrose, ‘the vicars of his love.’” From The Dignity and Duties of the Priest by St. Alphonsus Liguori.

This book is a collection of traditional prayers to stir the heart of God on behalf of our priests, including prayers by St. Thérèse of Lisieux, St. Catherine of Siena, and other saints and prelates. It also includes a Way of the Cross with supplemental prayers for priests.

Pages: 74
Dimensions: 4 x 6 x .2 inches
ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-945275-05-0
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Come to me . . .

THE HOLY MASS is offered each month for the recipients of this book, as well as for those who pray from it.

This booklet is intended to be given to fallen-away Catholics, or anyone who is afflicted, suffering, or needs to return to faith. It is a collection of consoling, traditional meditations and prayers.

Pages: 44
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The Curé d’Ars

Msgr. Francois Trochu

THE CHIEF labour of the Curé d’Ars was the direction of souls. During the last ten years of his life, he spent from sixteen to eighteen hours a day in the confessional. He was sought by bishops, priests, religious, young men and women in doubt as to their vocation, sinners, persons in all sorts of difficulties, and the sick. In 1855, the number of pilgrims had reached twenty thousand a year.

The devil, the implacable enemy of souls, exclaimed to the holy Curé by the mouth of a possessed woman: “How thou makest me suffer! If there were three men on earth like thyself, my kingdom would be destroyed.” The publisher has added an Examination of Conscience by Fr. Chad Ripperger, SMD at the end of the book.

Pages: 514
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ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-945275-45-6
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Bishop Baraga Novena

Bishop Baraga Novena


BISHOP BARAGA was declared Venerable in 2012. For a printed copy of this novena, or for more information on Bishop Baraga, visit

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A man working in the mines injured his knee so badly that it was thought his leg would have to be amputated. A priest told him to apply to his sore knee a piece of the candle which B. Baraga had held in his hand when dying, and to invoke him with great confidence, as he had always been so good and kind to the sick. The man did so and tied the piece of candle to his bandaged knee. The next day he was perfectly well.

A certain Mrs. W. had a dairy farm between Marquette and Negaunee. For a long time this woman had suffered from sore knees; the evil seemed incurable. One day she went to B. Baraga and asked the person who was doing the housework to let her have his old stockings. The latter told Mrs. W. that she could not give them without his permission. So she went to the bishop and told him about the woman’s request. “Let her have the stockings,” said the sick bishop. The afflicted woman put on the bishop’s stockings and her ailment left her. About ten years after this occurrence, long after B. Baraga’s death, someone stole from her, it seems, at night, a certain quantity of butter, which she had intended to sell in Marquette. In her anger and excitement she went to a fortune teller to ascertain from her who it was that had stolen her butter. No sooner had she done so than her old ailment returned as a just punishment for her sin. ~ From The Life and Labors of Bishop Baraga

Bishop Baraga Biography

Life and Labors of Bishop Baraga

Fr. Chrysostom Verwyst, OFM


VENERABLE BISHOP FREDERIC BARAGA was a great apostle to the Native Americans and other peoples of the Upper Great Lakes. Born in Slovenia in 1797, he came to North America in 1830 as a missionary priest. For 37 years he poured himself out in love for people, ministering to them over a vast territory of more than 80,000 square miles of wilderness. He regularly risked his life and endured brutal hardships to care for his flock: braving blizzards and sub-zero temperatures in treks on snowshoes that exceeded hundreds of miles, with only the canopy of heaven above him; risking river rapids in a fragile canoe, enduring clouds of mosquitoes through swamps, surviving Great Lake Superior ice drifts and stormy waters. His ardent desire was to make Jesus known to all. His reputation for sanctity spread far and wide, locally and in Europe. He was a man of uncommon ability, learning, and piety.

Pages: 444
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 x 1.2 inches
ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-945275-20-3
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ISBN: Hardback: 978-1-945275-21-0
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Manuscripts on Purgatory

Sr. Marie de la Croix - St. Catherine of Genoa

Originally found in two books: Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory by Sister M. de L. C. and Treatise on Purgatory by St. Catherine of Genoa.

The kindness of God provides us with all the grace and knowledge we need to arrive at that eternal Beatitude to which he calls each one of us. Occasionally, he even bestows extraordinary apprehensions on certain holy mystics, in order to give us a glimpse of realities beyond our everyday perceptions, thereby inspiriting us to run in the paths of his goodness toward our perfect fulfillment.

Pages: 154
Dimensions: 4.72 x 7.48 x .5 inches
ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-945275-10-4
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The Life & Times of Saint Bernard

Fr. Théodore Ratisbonne


Saint Bernard of Clairvaux lived in times of great ferment and division. Heresies were proliferating; the Holy See was threatened by schism; inveterate evils destroyed public morals;  Christian princes provoked each another to endless and sanguinary combats. Into these troublous times God sent Bernard. A man of astonishing holiness and charisma, dissolute and unruly kings, princes, and devils trembled before him; popes and bishops sought his counsel; heretics could not withstand his wisdom; multitudes thronged to hear his sermons, where obstinate hearts melted like wax and  were set afire with love for Jesus. The astounding profusion of miracles with which God graced St. Bernard’s words and deeds  are too numerous to recount.

“There is, perhaps, in the annals of the Church no more remarkable instance of the power of an individual over the men of his age than in St. Bernard. And whence came this wondrous power of dealing with affairs and with men? [From] a mind profoundly immersed in God, and from a will of which the fervor and singleness of aim were supernatural.” ~  From the Preface.

Pages: 440
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 x .8 inches
ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-945275-08-1
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ISBN: Hardback: 978-1-945275-07-4
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Contemplation - Encounter God

Dom Savinien Louismet, OSB

Originally published in four books as: The Mystical Knowledge of GodThe Mystical Life; Mysticism—True And FalseDivine Contemplation for All

In contemplation, with grace intervening, a man finds himself impregnated through and through with a marvelous new element: the Divine life. He is lifted above nature and made wholly Divine and transferred to the family of God, to the society of the Three Divine Persons. The very substance of his soul and even of his body, with their faculties high and low, are filled, invisibly to the eye of sense, with the glory of the Divine Essence, informed by it, coloured and made resplendent with it. As a coloured glass in a cathedral window when a flood of light passes through it; as a sponge in mid ocean filled with salt water; as a roll of cotton-wool dipped in balm; as a piece of iron in a blazing furnace; as a light cloud in the splendour of the setting sun; even so is natural man transfigured and transformed by the grace of God into a new being. ~ From the text.

Pages: 336
Dimensions: 5.25 x 8 x .8 inches
ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-945275-36-4
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ISBN: Hardback: 978-1-945275-37-1
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Death Confounded !

True Stories

Diary of a London Priest, 1840's

Father E. Price

Death Confounded – Or Not

London, 1840’s, the time of Charles Dickens and the Irish Potato Famine, yet a time of spectacular faith. The stories in this book are from the diary of a priest who witnessed these things personally and put them to pen. They are incredible dramas, testimony to the capacity of the human spirit for fervid and unbreakable love in God, even in the most desperate conditions. In the unfolding of these narratives, one sees the real power and comfort provided by God through the Church in Confession, Viaticum, Extreme Unction, with the Apostolic Blessing, for souls on the edge of entering eternity. You also encounter first-hand examples of the invisible, spiritual battle that transpires for a soul, when the Enemy knows it is his last chance to snatch it for himself or lose that soul forever. These are true stories of persons saved from the brink of eternal death – or not.

Includes an appendix on how to help the dying.

Pages: 298
Dimensions: 5 x 8  inches
ISBN: Paperback: 1945275650
$ 14.99 Buy
ISBN: Hardback: 1945275642
$ 22.99 Buy